Friday, December 27, 2013

Some Recent Photos...

In October, we took a Saturday and spent a day in the mountains.  The trees had just began changing colors.  We hiked, enjoyed God's creation, and just spent some quality time together.

Japan's maple trees are beautiful in the autumn.  We can't believe we've now been here for TWO seasons without seeing them at their peak.  Time is stretched thin and our schedules just aren't very flexible right now.  That said, we were happy to see some red on a few trees.  Maybe next year, we'll see them at their peak!

I've never been one to get excited about putting up Christmas decorations, but this year simple things like setting up a Christmas tree took on special meaning.  No one complained (including me).  Everyone took part and had a good time.

The day after Christmas, Gina and I delivered a small gift to four of our neighbors.  They were all surprised.  When we asked if they had done anything special to celebrate Christmas, they all answered, "No".  For the most part, Christmas is a normal day in Japan.  People go to work.  Some families celebrate with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a special "Christmas Cake."

On December 17th (Josiah's Birthday), Gina's parents landed in Nagoya.  It was a great reunion.  They'll be with us through the middle of January.

Waiting for Grandparents at the airport.  The boys stood in this spot for almost an hour...watching the door their grandparents would eventually walk through.  They were a little excited to see them!

 Gina and her parents at Nisshin Christ Church's "Christmas Dinner."  The event was an opportunity for church members to invite friends and family to a church event where the Gospel would be presented.  Many of those in attendance had never been in a church building before!

Kaji Uechi is Nisshin Church's college minister.  He gave a wonderful talk about the meaning of Christmas to a room where many people had never been exposed to Christianity.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to use this time to save many of those in attendance!

Are you interested in seeing more photos from our day-to-day life in Japan?  Look for us on FLICKR.  You should be able to find us through Jeremy's email address (  We regularly upload new photos there!

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