Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Contributions, Pledges, and Financial Partnership

This is an update to a previous post answering questions about pledging and giving.  Since some of that information has changed (now that we're on the field in Nagoya and serving with SERGE), we thought it important to post this update...

     Greetings!  Our family currently serves in Nagoya, Japan with an organization called Serge.  Serge is a theologically reformed, evangelical, missions organization with missionaries serving all over the world.  You can read more about Serge here.
     Before moving to Japan, Serge required us to raise 100% of our projected needs through special gifts and ongoing pledges.  Since Japan is such an expensive field, that process was daunting, but God was faithful to raise up an army of supporters who have been contributing faithfully toward our ongoing support.
     Even though we are now in Japan, it's still important for new partners join our support team.  Financial situations are always changing for us and our partners.  Our budget may increase or decrease for a variety of reasons that are beyond our control (like the changing value of the Dollar and Yen).  There are also cases where churches or families have to stop giving prematurely, so, new partners often replace those who are no longer in a position to give.  It would be impossible to plan for every contingency, but we're trusting God to continue to provide for our needs by raising up new partners as needed. Ultimately, we're in His hands...and that's very comforting to us!
     Our hope is that financial contributors will see themselves as as more than "donors".  We want you to realize that you're partnering with us in this work.  For new churches to be planted, there must be church planters on the field and senders at home.  Without both of those groups in place, new churches won't be started.  So, we're partnering together to make that happen.  Making a pledge is a way to partner with us to plant new churches among one of the world's largest unreached people group.

How to Make a Pledge:
  • Our Web Site:  The easiest way to make a pledge is just to go to our online form by clicking here.
  • By Mail:  You can print a copy of our donor sheet by clicking here.  Simply fill in the blanks and mail it to the address indicated on the page.  
  • Credit Card:  You can set up a recurring contribution using a credit card by following the directions in the next section (below).  Setting up a recurring credit card payment automatically registers as a pledge, so there's no need to also send in a prayer card.
Options for sending in one-time or special contributions (without making a pledge):
  • Personal Check:  You can mail personal checks using exactly the same donor sheet above under "How to make a pledge by mail."  Just enclose your check with the donor sheet (link in section above).
  • Automatic Draft:  It's easy to set up an auto draft from your checking or savings account.  Simply print out Serge's EFT authorization by clicking here.  Fill in the blanks and send it to Serge along with a cancelled check.
  • Credit Card:  You can set up a one time or recurring contribution using your credit card by going here.


What if I'm unable to keep my pledge?
You can change it.  Ultimately, we'll trust God to raise up another donor to take your place.

How long will my pledge remain in effect?
Until you change it.

Now that you're on the field, do you really need new pledges?  What if I want to just send in a regular contribution.
There are many people who send regular contributions but haven't felt led to make a pledge. We're incredibly thankful for those folks, and they fill a great need every month. We never pressure anyone to pledge or give. However, making a pledge does help us plan and strengthens our sense of partnership with one another.

Will I receive a bill each month?
No, but you will receive a receipt each time you send a contribution.  That receipt also serves as a reminder to send in the next month's contribution.

Are contributions to MTW tax deductible?
Yes!  All contributions are tax deductible.  You will receive an official statement for your taxes at the end of each year.

I have another question...
Please feel free to contact us directly at .