Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "Sew Busy Ladies" are still at it!

 A year ago, I wrote an article about a sewing group here in Asheboro that was using their talents to support Christian missions in the community and around the world.  The group meets at the home of our friend, Emily, who founded the group.  Besides loving our family really well, The Sew Busy Ladies are supplying blankets to several crisis pregnancy centers and shelters, they've made countless dresses for little girls in a poverty-stricken country in Africa, and they've recently sent a shipment of items to some MTW missionaries in Haiti.  Just like our friend Mary Spaar who founded "Gnomes 4 Japan" in response to last year's tsunami, God is using this group of ladies (+ one notable gentleman) in marvelous ways to expand Christ's Kingdom and care for the poor and orphaned.
 A couple of weeks ago, Emily called to invite Gina and me to come by on a "sewing night" because the ladies had a surprise for us.  On that evening, they presented us with this beautiful quilt.  Each group member made two of the squares on the quilt - and they even used a couple of Gina's squares that they somehow acquired!  The quilt will have an honored place in our new home in Japan.  Of course, we'll cherish it because of the friendship it represents, but it also reminds us that God loves to use ordinary, weak people to accomplish his purposes around the world - and that means there's hope that he'll use our family in some big ways, too!

If you live near Asheboro and would like to get in touch with the Sew Busy Ladies, feel free to send me an email.  They're always looking for new members, and previous sewing ability isn't required (they love to teach).  They're also looking for some space that would allow them to expand their efforts.  They'd be happy for you to ask God to provide that!

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