Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update from the field

First very successful run to Iwaki returned about 5:30 PM.(Monday afternoon - Japan time)

From MTW Missionary Bob Drews:
  • We were able to deliver 1000 l of water and 60 l of fuel to Iwaki-Shi.  A school/shelter near the church was housing 100 people who have no water, so most of the supplies were left with them.  The young prefectural officer in charge was extremely grateful.  No official help or supplies had arrived, so this was a great blessing.
  • At this point, it appears that shuttling supplies to this community would be beneficial and feasible. 
  • Two teams with two rented trucks are going up again tonight, primarily with water. Dan was able to find several more large portable water tanks to use so two trucks are needed for the additional supplies.
  • One team will return immediately, the second will remain a bit longer.
  • Seima (Japanese pastor) will be leading this group, with Rich Rainsford also participating as "pathfinder" since he went with the first group. 
  • It should be noted that this is a thoroughly Japanese Church/MTW team joint effort.  Most of the supplies and loading help have been provided by Japanese Church Members. 
  • We escaped the "rolling blackouts" today, but they've been announced again for tomorrow.  There are also additional reports of core meltdown at Fukushima reactors.  This is 50 Km from our target work area.

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