Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Amy Newsome of our Precious Nagoya Team

Dear Friends,

About four hours ago, after a intense effort over the last few days, our team/church/presbytery sent our first truck to the disaster area filled with supplies:  food, water, fuel, blankets, medicines and other supplies.  Wayne, Pastor Mamoru Otake and team member Tom Wilson are driving.  Their destination is Iwaki, Fukushima.  This city is on the southern edge of the disaster area.  Based on the information from our Chiba team, who had just returned as we were loading, we were able to prioritize certain types of items, and so feel confident that we sent exactly what will help them the most at this point.  It’s been a blessing to share information and resources with one another, and have a more effective operation because of it.

Our team has managed to find rental trucks through the end of March.  So as soon as that truck pulled out, we began turning our minds toward the next trip, which hopefully can take place next Monday.  Our bodies are not as cooperative—we are very tired.   I really wish I could put my thoughts together more effectively.  There is much more to tell you; but for now I need to rest.  

We are aware of the voluntary evacuation flights the US government is offering.  We are around 400 km from the nuclear reactors in Fukushima.  At this point, we are not expecting to have to evacuate.  But we know how quickly the situation can change, and so we are taking precautions, such as gathering our documents. 

I can’t express how much we covet your prayers right now.  Please forgive me for the lack of information in this letter—we just need you to pray, so I wanted to get this out, regardless of how inadequate it may be.

Your sister in Christ,

Amy Newsome

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