Thursday, February 3, 2011


The following is a prayer of Martin Luther that's been "remixed" and published by a friend of mine.  We used it as a corporate confession during worship last Sunday, and it's meant a lot to me this week. I thought I'd share it here:

Oh God, my God, do You not hear me?
My God, are You dead?

No, You cannot die;
You are merely hidden.
Have you called me here to this place?
I ask You because I must be sure.

God, let me know that it is true!
Never in my life had I thought I could stand
in the face of such opposition
and never had I set out to do it.

Father stand with me in the name
of Your dear Son Jesus Christ,
my Protector, Defender, and mighty Fortress,
through the power and help of Your Holy Spirit.
Lord, where are You?

Come, come,
I am like a patient lamb that lays down its life.
The cause is Yours and it is righteous.
I can never be separated from You because of Christ!
I am so resolved in Your Name
that the world cannot force me
to act against my conscience,
even under threat of bodily harm.

So Your Word and Spirit,
they come now to my rescue –
even if only for the body.
My soul is Yours.

It belongs to You, and so let it remain with You forever.
So help me God.

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