Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Bits of Good News and Gratitude

It's been an encouraging few weeks on the "Japan front".  Here are a few things that have us especially encouraged today:

1.  Shiloh's buffet breakfast was a roaring success and the congregation raised around $2,600!  As I understand it, this was a record-setting amount for a breakfast at Shiloh.  We're so grateful to all those who got up early and worked so hard to make the event happen.  We're also thankful for such generous contributions during the event.

2.  We received news today that another church has included us in their 2011 budget at $300 per month.  That brings the total of our ongoing, monthly support to just over $2,000!  This evening, our family colored in a new section of our "giving chart" and went out for pizza at Cici's to celebrate the crossing of the $2,000 mark.

3.  Also, today, I received a call from a pastor in our presbytery who wanted me to know that an anonymous donor in his church has contributed a very large sum to our support account.  I'm excited to report that after paying the bills (which include some training expenses that we'd previously attended on "credit"), we expect to enter January with over $5,000 in our support account!

The above developments couldn't come at a better time.  With my salary at Grace Fellowship ending next month, it's nice to be closing the year with such strong numbers.  Of course, $2,000/month won't replace my salary, so we're not completely in the clear yet...but we're getting closer...and we now have the luxury of some surplus funds in our account from which we can draw if we need them.  Our Father has always taken care of us, and we know he'll continue to do so - one way or another!  Thanks for your prayers...and please join us in thanking God for these new developments.

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