Monday, November 8, 2010

A highlight from the Global Missions Conference

Joe Novenson of Lookout Mountain, TN was one of the main speakers at the Global Missions Conference we attended last weekend.  Before his first talk, he interviewed an African American pastor from the podium.  I wish I'd have caught this brother's name, but I missed it - or can't remember it.  Here's the main thrust of the interview:

Joe:  When did you become a Christian?
Pastor:  When I was 18 years old.
Joe:  When did you plant your first church?
Pastor:  4 years later.
Joe:  Brother, I'm not trying to embarrass you here, and I thank you for giving me permission to ask you this last question in front of all these folks...when did you learn to read?
Pastor:  When I was 40 years old.

Joe went on to describe this man's ministry, which included several drug rehab centers and church plants.  I think I often make all this too hard and fall into the trap that the advance of the Kingdom is dependent upon more learning, more money, or more resources.  But it's "by MY Spirit" says the Lord.  Thanks, Joe, for reminding me!

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  1. Okay I thought I posted this earlier, but it's not showing now so if I'm somehow double posting on your end I apologize. I went to the missions conference and I just bought the MP3 of this session. The pastor's name is Alfred Johnson. :-)