Monday, October 11, 2010


What a great, God-honoring time of worship at Grace Presbyterian Church in Kernersville, yesterday!  The congregation welcomed us warmly and the time of worship was rich and sincere.  Randy Edwards is my new hero as he brought the Gospel from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes!  It was a special treat to reconnect with a former high school (french) teacher.  Why is it that when I saw her I felt the deep, vague need to apologize for something???  :-)  As we walked out of worship, Gina said, "If I lived in Kernersville, this is where I'd want to come to church!"  Of course, Gina's said that at several of the places we've visited over the past couple of months, but it really feel a lot like like "home".  It's a special thing to gather with God's people to worship.

Last night, I had the honor of leading a discussion about "Contextualizing the Gospel" at Northside Presbyterian in Burlington.  Basically, we talked together about how Christians in the U.S. (i.e. towns like Burlington) face similar challenges to those faced by foreign missionaries as we take the Gospel to our own friends and neighbors.  We reflected on how missionaries (both foreign and domestic) must constantly repent of self-righteous attitudes that cause us to feel superior to others - and pray for the fruits of the Holy Spirit to be evident in our lives.  As is usually the case, I think God used the conversation to help me as much as anyone else in the room.  Thanks, Northside!

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