Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Wilson's Ministry in Nagoya

Tom Wilson, musician, choir director
Gina and I are especially grateful that God is leading us to a team that already has a lot of Gospel-momentum in the city of Nagoya.  Tom and Teresa Wilson are key members of that team.  Tom is a trained musician and uses music and choir to reach Japanese people with the Gospel.  The following links will connect you to some videos of recent choral concerts done in and around Nagoya.

  • Click HERE for a video of short clips of every song at the concert (copyright laws only allow for clips of less than 30 seconds each on youtube).
  • Click HERE for a a video of the choir singing Amazing Grace in English and Japanese (not copyrighted).

As you watch these videos, you'll be excited to hear that most of the people you see onstage are not believers (yet).  Participating in choir provided another opportunity for them to hear the gospel, and even to proclaim it in song from their own mouths!  Since these videos were taken, two of the women you see onstage have become Christians!  One lady said that as she sang the gospel songs in rehearsal, she realized that the Holy Spirit had been working in her heart.  She believed the words she was singing, and placed her hope in Christ.  In addition to the 70 singers in the choir, around 500 people attended the charity concert and the team raised the equivalent of $2000 for Haiti relief efforts.

Teresa Wilson

The concert series created a lot of interest around Nagoya.  A local cable television station in the area actually reported on the choir.  The report showed clips from choir rehearsals and also interviewed several of the choir members.  Tom and Teresa sat for an interview in their home, and  shared about gospel music, how they became involved with it, and why they lead gospel choirs.  Tom says, "We were very happy that they didn't edit our answers!  It's very clearly presented that we lead gospel choir to tell people about Jesus' love.  I'm not sure an American TV show would give us as much freedom to talk about Christ!"  If you'd like to see the interview (complete with Tom's helpful English commentary), click HERE.

There are so many more marvelous stories of how God has been using the MTW team to reach Japanese people living in Nagoya, and I'll continue to share those here.  The team has a long history, and a good track record.  A solid foundation is being laid, and the team is actively pressing out more and more.  In the years to come, we expect to plant numerous new churches in the region.  We want to see the proclamation of the Gospel continue to grow and expand until the glory of God covers Japan as the waters cover the seas (Hab 2:14).  

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to know how you can be a part of reaching Nagoya with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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