Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our First Dinner Gathering

We had a wonderful evening with Grandma Jane's family and friends tonight at Gina's parents' home in the big town of Tyro, NC!  It was good to have a chance to connect with family members, and we were pleasantly surprised by several dear friends from Meadowview who came (Wayne, Diane, Dan, and Carol - it was so good to see you again!).

After dinner, Gina and I took turns telling the story of our calling to Japan.  There were lots of good questions, and everyone seemed engaged and very supportive (that's not surprising given the people in the room, but it was very nice all the same).  At one point, Jane spoke up to express the family's support and wanted us to tell everyone just what they could do to help.  She's been such an encouragement to us ever since we told her the news back in early April.  Josiah was the highlight of the evening.  He wanted to have a part in the talk.  Gina asked him why he's excited about moving to Japan.  He replied, "Because I want to meet new people, and so people in Japan can know the Gospel."  That's my boy!

As we drove home it hit me that we didn't take a single picture tonight!  Blogs without pictures are dull, so I think I'll make this post brief.  I'll try to do better next time!

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