Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greetings Commissioners!

     A special greeting to those of you who are connecting with us at General Assembly this week! Please take the time to explore the page and get a feel for the state of the work in Nagoya, Japan. I'd especially recommend the video slideshow "Introduction to our Family and Calling" as well as some of the statistics printed below on this page.
     This is a wonderful time to be involved in missions in Nagoya. The team has been making strong progress over the past 2 decades. They have established a healthy church, a school, and seminary to train national church leaders. The team's vision for the next decade involves aggressive church planting in the region, but currently there is only one teaching elder on the team. As an ordained TE, I'll fill an important role (one of many filled by a group of unique, gifted folks) and work alongside Japanese Christians to plant a network of churches around the region.
     Japan is a very expensive field, so our family of 5 has a lot of money to raise. This is certainly an example of an undertaking that is doomed to failure unless God is in it. We're praying that he'll confirm this calling by stirring some of you to partner with us.
     If we haven't had an opportunity to meet face-to-face, please look for me at MTW's booth in the convention center. You can also reach me directly on my cell phone by using the "call me" button to the right or by email at grace4japan@gmail.com. I would love to tell you more about the ministry in Nagoya!



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