Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And We're Off!

We're Headed to Japan!

     As most of you know, Gina and I have been wrestling with a sense of calling to cross-cultural missions for some time now.  Originally, we believed that God was calling us to help the church-planting effort in Eastern Europe, but as we prayed and sought the advice of trusted Christian friends we came to realize that God was calling us elsewhere.  We’re now convinced that the Spirit is sending us to Nagoya, Japan to help the team plant a network of churches in that city where less than 2% of the massive population is Christian.
      Earlier this year, Gina and I were approved as long-term missionaries with Mission to the World.  We’re now in the early stages of raising the support necessary for us to live and minister in Japan.  We intend to publish a short newsletter each month to keep our prayer team updated about our progress.  If you're not currently on our mailing list, please leave a comment along with your email address and we'll be happy to add you to our mailing list.  You can also check back here for regular updates.

May Has Been an Encouraging Month

May has been an encouraging month for us.  Our friends at Grace Fellowship have responded to our news with a great deal of faith.  The comment that we’ve heard most often has been, “We’ve seen this coming for a long time…we knew you’d be heading to a foreign missions field at some point!”  Gina’s Grandma Jane has gotten particularly excited about the news (not that she is happy to see us go).  She’s become our self appointed “campaign manager” among her friends and relatives, and in June she’ll be hosting a cookout where we’ll be talking about our calling to Nagoya with members of the family and some close friends.  Several friends at various places around the country have offered to help us network in those areas as well (including FL, TN, NC, and IL).  We’ve also seen a strong initial response from churches in our presbytery.  One pastor called me today to let me know that his church has been interested in the MTW work in Nagoya for several months now.  They’ve been praying for the team there, and they’re excited for an opportunity to be more involved through us!  We’re grateful for the ways that God has been going before us.  We’re also very encouraged by the fact that so many of you have offered to pray for us.  Thank you for loving us so well!

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